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The Google Search engine is currently the #1 search engine in the world , so everybody wants their web site to be ranked on the first page of results in Google. That is what Googletestad software (if it even exists) is supposed to help you accomplish.

We have done a very exhaustive search for this mysterious Googletesad software and have come up completely empty handed, as we're sure you have too.

Now, assuming that the sudden rise in popularity for the word Googletesad is being accelerated by SEO's and Webmasters doing thousands of searches for Googletestad, We have decided to include a number of links to what we feel are probably some of the very best FREE tools for all SEO's, Web Masters and Internet marketers.

Although this page does not contain the Googletestad software you may have been looking for,  the fact is that you can find many useful SEO tools absolutely FREE, so sit back and enjoy our excellent list of tools

Current search engine results clearly indicate that there is some sort of  relationship between the terms "Googletestad" and "Google monitor query" ... Learn More
                                                                  In Conclusion

GOOGLETESTAD - What it is all about -  ranking on the first page in the search engines for a particular keyword or phrase will significantly improve your web site's traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms and webmasters alike continually strive to raise the popularity of their  Web sites or Clients Web Sites therefore it is imperative that they arm themselves with the necessary tools to do so.

Googletestad is supposed to be a the ultimate software that will magically help to improve the ranking of  any Web site for the specific keyword or phrase that you enter into the program, and to help you monitor the ranking of your web site on a continuous basis. Web site owners are always on the lookout for tools such as Googletestad in an effort to stay one up on there competition.

So what is all the hype about Googletestad?  Simple!  It is nothing more than a very popular keyword that is being searched many thousands of times a day by SEO's and Web Masters from around the world.

In reality most of the Web sites listed on all the search engines for the keyword Googletestad don't have anything to do with Googletestad, search engine optimization, webmasters or anything remotely close to website promotion.

Our conclusion when it comes to Googletestad Software is that there is no executable program called Googletestad on the market and it is simply nothing more than a made up word that is being heavily searched by SEO's and Web Masters alike. WHY? we still don't know.

To further compliment your website promotion and linking strategies, you definitely need to check out our list of FREE tools...Have a Great Day!

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1. Niche Bot - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Finding what keywords people search for couldn't be easier with this all-in-one keyword tool such as, WordTracker, Overture Keywords, Thesaurus, Lateralus, Keyword Analysis, Google Ranking.

2. Advanced Google Searches - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Use this handy tool to search google in many different ways. A very useful resource for search engine optimization, especially keyword research, as well as other things.

3. Recently Indexed by Google - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This tool shows you the files on a web site that have been indexed over the time period selected by Google . Indexed pages are new pages that are added or existing pages where the content has changed enough for Google to re-index that particular file.

4. Top Ten Google Analysis Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This seo tool looks at the top 10 sites for any specified keyword search in Google, backlinks to the page that ranks in the top 10, as well as total links to that domain as a whole. With clickable links to view exact sites, allinanchor rankings of top 10 results & the body keyword density and text link keyword density.

5. Katoo Meta Search Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
AKartOO is a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces. When you click on OK, KartOO launches the query to a set of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and represents them in a series of interactive maps through a proprietary algorithms.

6. Website Promotion and Targeted Link Popularity - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Topical authoritative hub finder, awesome tool.

7. Future PR lookup - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This tool will query Google's various data-centers, to check for any changes in PageRank values for a given URL. Usually all data-centers will output the same, but if queried during an update, you might get a glimpse of any upcoming changes in your sites PR values.

8. Serps Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Check your SERPS (Search engine results pages) in multiple engines just by clicking on the Free Serps tool. Covers Yahoo, Google, All The Web. MSN and Hotbot. is tool provides some very useful information once your results are returned.

9. Search Engine Ranking Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
The Site Ranking tool checks your website's ranking for any keyword or keyword phrase on 20 of the Web's major search engines. If your site doesn't rank in the first 100 positions on a search engine, it either isn't listed in that engine or requires optimization to achieve a better ranking.
10 Link Popularity Check - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This link popularity tool to help search engine optimizers and online marketers to not only find out who is linking to your site, but to also run a benchmarking report to show you quickly where you stand in comparison to competitors and other major online players.

11. Overture & Wordtracker keyword search tools - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This seo tool gives similar keyword data, including search figures from the previous month. It also adds statistics for average searches per hour, day, week, projected figures for the next 12 months and then also a figure to see how searches may look in 3 years from now. .
12. Seo Tool Kit - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Here you will find a set of tools which will help you improve your site's ranking in the search engines. While similar tools are available elsewhere, our tools offer a regional focus and are of particular use to webmasters who wish to expand their site visibility beyond the US.

13. Keyword Selection Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This tool tells you three important things for any keywords you enter that should help you in your keyword selection for new pages..
-The number of searches performed last month (from Overture).
-The number of results for those keywords at Google.
-The number of back-links for each of the top 10-30 listings at Google.

14. Search Engine Saturation - brought to you by Googletestad .org
"Search Engine Saturation" simply refers to the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain. Check your Search Engine Saturation and compare your website to competitors. Check this information on a regular basis to see if your Search Engine Saturation is climbing or falling.

15. Keyword Suggestion Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This is a handy little tool will show you the results of your query from from both Wordtracker and Overture for determining which phrases are searched most often.

16. Keyword & Pagerank Finder - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This tool is used for finding all websites with a certain Google pagerank value that are ranking for a specific keyword. You can also enter your domain and use the tool to check your pagerank if your toolbar isn't working or you are on a MAC.

17. Robots.txt Validator Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Use this search engine world Robots.txt Validator tool to check your robots.txt file for any errors

18. GoogleMonitor - Expert SEO tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Monitor your URL's PageRank, Links, Positions, Backlinks & Domain Popularity. Checks Google, and Yahoo, Stats updated daily.

19. Meta Tag Analysis Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Meta Tag Analysis examines your sites' META TAGS which are still a vital part of good overall ranking in the search engines. Even though many say they are useless (for Google, this is pretty much true), spiders/crawlers still evaluate META TAGS. With good meta tags, you'll have a better chance of ranking well across a wider variety of search engines and directories..

20. Domain IP C Class Checking Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Class C Checker will allow you to check if 2 domains are hosted on the same Class C IP range. What's the use of that? Well, links from sites that are not on the same class C IP range as your site are thought to give more weight

21. Yahoo Rank Checker - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Use this free SEO Tool to check your rankings on Yahoo for a particular keyword phrase. Works a lot like the Google rankings tool but does a screen scrape on yahoo.

22. Search Engine Keywords Competition Analyzer - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Check the competition for your important keywords on
Google , MSN , HotBot , & Yahoo. .

23. Google Rankings Checker - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Use this very powerful tool to check your position in the search engine of Google™

24. Keyword Verification - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Verification tool checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a certain keyword. The reason the tool only checks the top 3 pages, is because most queries don't go past the 3rd page of search results.

25. Keyword Analysis Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This tool provides some very useful information once your results are returned.

26. Dreamweaver Code Cleaner - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This Dreamweaver Code Cleaner tool will read the page you specify, and clean a lot of the un-needed code created by Macromedia Dreamweaver. This helps to shrink the size of the actual page, which has many benefits. Very nice tool - I highly recommend this tool.

27. Google AdSense Charts and Graphs - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This nifty tool Generates all sorts of nifty charts with your AdSense CSV data export (requires a Google AdSense account of course).

28. Broken Link Checker Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
With this link checker tool, your entire website will be scanned for broken links in your starting URL. After submitting your URL for a link checking test, you'll be shown results of URL pages which are recognized as bad links by search engine spider/crawlers. Bad or broken links can affect your ranking. Use this tool to determine your broken links within your website.

29. Google Datacenter Tool - brought to you by Googletestad .org
As a webmaster and owner of operation affiliate storm you probably know that the search engine Google has recently been making many changes. One of the major recent changes is the removal of their datacenters from "public" view. Indeed, some of the datacenters no longer exist, but some simply no longer respond to their old URL address. If you look them up via their IP address you find that they are "alive and well". Since many of the older Google Dance tools have not been updated to reflect these changes, I have decided to make a tool that will point to all fo the "NEW" datacenters by their IP addresses.

30. The Daniel Brandt Toolbar - brought to you by Googletestad .org
This web ranking tool accepts a URL for a web page and fetches three numbers. The first number is Google's PageRank on a scale of 0 to 10. This scale is a low-resolution version of the actual PageRank. It comes from a "phone home" by Google's toolbar, and is the only PageRank number that Google makes public. The second number is Alexa's traffic rank for a domain on the web. This is based on a sampling of actual traffic to that domain, and it comes from the "phone home" feature on Alexa's toolbar. The third number reported by this web ranking tool is a count of total external backlinks from Yahoo.

31. Search Engine Position Agent - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Use this search engine position tool to query various search engines such as google and yahoo for your rank position for your keyword specified. With this tool, you'll be able to better assess your search engine optimization efforts after determining your current ranking.

32. Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search - brought to you by Googletestad .org
Find copies of your content on the Web. Website Plagiarism Search - Web Content Copyright Infringement Protection. Copyscape uses the Google Alert system to help you find people trying to steal you content.

33. Rich Jerk Reviews -brought to you by Googletestad .org
Interesting information and reviews on this controversial new ebook that many are calling the most revealing ebook in the history of internet marketing

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           Googletestad - What does it mean?
The very popular keyword "Googletestad" is currently one of the most frequently searched words according to Wordtracker and Overture. It generally brings up bogus non-meaningful pages when searched on Google, Yahoo or MSN

We have been unable to find out how or why it has become so popular, but rumor has it that Googletestad may be the name of a software that is used to check the search engine ranking of Websites related to specific keywords and phrases.
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Key #1 – Get to know your audience

by Pat Johnson on 10/19/13

Although you can head over to Google and discover plenty of different “social media marketing game plans” that give you a pre-set script to follow, the reality is that no audience is the same. As a result, it’s up to you to get to know your audience and to determine how to best connect with them on popular social media websites.

As an example, suppose you read an article that states that all businesses need to be advertising their services on Twitter. That’s all well and good – but what if your audience members use Facebook far more frequently than Twitter? In this example, focusing your social media engagement efforts on Twitter would prevent you from connecting with the bulk of your audience.

Given that all audiences are different, it’s up to you to do the investigative work needed to understand your readers’ online behaviors. Pick up your spy glass and try to gather all of the following types of information: